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Advanced Business Ethics


Within the field of business ethics, the relatively new domain of behavioral business ethics has emerged. In contrast to the normative question of how individuals should decide and behave in business contexts, research in behavioral business ethics is mainly interested in why and how people actually take ethical decisions. Specifically, it often aims at understanding personal and situational factors that may cause a gap between an actor’s willingness to behave ethically, and his or her actual behavior. To address its questions, behavioral ethics draws on behavioral psychology, experimental economics, cognitive science and related fields.

The lectures are organized into the following units:

  • What is Behavioral Business Ethics?
  • An Economic Approach to Morality
  • Psychological Models of Ethical Decision Making
  • Implications: How to Foster Ethical Behavior in the Workplace
  • Reflection: Can Experimental Research Inform Normative Ethics?

Timeframe and Credits

  • Teaching time: 2 hours/week (blocked)
  • Credit: 5 ECTS (elective module)
  • Credit can be granted for the following study programs:
    • Master Accounting, Taxation, and Finance
    • Master Business Law and Economic Law
    • Master Business Studies
    • Master Empirical Economics and Policy Consulting
    • Master Human Resource Management


Written exam (100%)


Lectures take place once a week, usually Tuesday afternoon. Please find more details on Stud.IP.


Please register for this course via StudIP. Should you have questions, please contact Simon Piest (). Please also check Stud.IP for updates.

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