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Brown Bag Seminar

The Brown Bag Seminar offers the opportunity for students (Ba., Ma., PhD) to present and discuss theses and research ideas in the fields of business ethics and management accounting. All students who write their thesis at BEMA are expected to regularly participate in the Brown Bag Seminar. Every student has to present his or her work once they are halfway through their project.

Brown Bag Seminars take place Tuesdays at 1 pm and take about one hour. If you want to attend a Brown Bag Seminar, please notify Linda Kannenberg ().

Upcoming Brown Bag Seminars

  • November 7, 2017 (Nils Kruse)
  • November 21, 2017 (internal)
  • November 28, 2017 (Dmitri Bershadskyy)
  • December 5, 2017 (Simon Piest)
  • December 19, 2017 (Julia Grimm)
  • January 9, 2018 (Tassilo Sobotta)
  • January 16, 2018 (Linda Kannenberg)
  • January 23, 2018 (Rebecca Rühle)
  • January 30, 2018 (Tobias Hübotter)