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Please note:

As of 2021 the Bachelor-course "Unternehmensethik" (Business Ethics) will be offered in the winter semester (WS 21/22). The course is not offered in the summer semester 2021.

As of 2021 the Bachelor-course "Cost Accounting" will be offered in the summer semester. The course is not offered in the winter semester WS 20/21.

Formal requirements

If you are writing a thesis or a seminar paper at bema, you should stick to certain formal requirements. This document outlines the details of these formal requirements. Please take the time to read this document carefully. Contact your contact person at bema in case there are any questions left open.
bema Formal Requirements.pdf (930.7 KB)  vom 03.06.2019

Reference management with Citavi and EndNote

Especially for Bachelor's and Master's theses, we recommend that students use reference management software such as Citavi or EndNote. The MLU offers campus licenses for these programs, they can be downloaded for free here.

You can also download a Citavi Style that includes the bema formal requirements. Please note, that students are still responsible for form and completeness of their paper's reference list. The software can only use the data that are entered in the respective project or library.

For more details and help with the software, please consult the respective manual. Moreover, the university library regularly offers workshops on EndNote and Citavi.
bema Citavi ENGLISH.ccs (389.9 KB)  vom 05.03.2018

Word template for seminar papers and theses

Are you using microsoft Word for writing a seminar paper or a thesis at bema? If yes, you may find this Word Template useful. Our layout requirements are already incorporated in the document. There also some tips for the use of Word. Note that the template does not substitute the Formal Requirementsthose should be read nevertheless. The template is available in German only.
bema Vorlage Abschlussarbeit.dotx (44.6 KB)  vom 13.11.2018

bema Vorlage Seminararbeit.dotx (46 KB)  vom 13.11.2018

Course evaluations

We want our courses to convey interesting and relevant topics in an appealing manner. To find out how we can improve our teaching, we have students evaluate our courses. We are happy that these evaluations are mostly very positive, and we use the more negative aspects to improve for the next time.